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Episode 8: Discover All is now online!

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Don’t think this has been posted here before. To be honest I kind of forgot it existed! Still really happy with it, and oh man do I wish I still had the kind of time to make stuff like this.

Song is Florence and the Machine - The Hardest of Hearts(Eva and Irbimon’s duet theme.)


So, you've decided to talk to an artist



I don’t consider myself an artist, but most of my friends are, and I’m married to one. Over the years, I’ve seen a lot of behavior that ranges from awkward to outright unacceptable. Here are some dos and don’ts to ensure that your experience with an artist is a good one for both parties. This is…


I know it’s unrealistic to expect every online interaction to be perfect but stuff like this can help folks not be “that person” if they are trying to have a positive interaction with an artist they dig.

I try not to see that stuff as malicious and most of the time it’s just folks not knowing better or thinking about it too much, so if it’s something you have done don’t sweat it ( we are all guilty) But when it’s a repetitive daily thing, or boundaries are constantly pushed and it seems like no one is really putting thought into behavior or don’t seem to think about you as a person with feelings- yes it can really wear you down.

Again, don’t sweat it- but learn from it! :)

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Episode 7: Count The Clock is now online!

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New plush based on World of Warcraft’s dragon whelps! Made in a style to match their existing wyvern and gryphon plushies!

It’ll be a little while before price and stuff is figured out. Gotta make a few to get the hang of how long it takes. This little prototype went through multiple bodies and heads before he was figured out!

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Hahahaha I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

In my defence, it’s my first art doll (and attempt at realistic sculpting). It looks like a fucking rabbit right now, but that’s what I get for starting with an entirely cartoon-anatomy base and deciding to go more realistic as I sculpt it. My terrible paintover at least settles my fears (there’s stuff on my desk/tablet so it’s bad mouse painting, sorry). I did the same to a photo of a goat head and tbh it looked like a horse so I’m glad now that I’m sticking to the anatomy of the original design.

Also completely ignoring where the mouth is in canon (or at least… in one anime screen shot) because it doesn’t make sense.

I’m hoping I can find some kind of glass things for its eyes. In retrospect, I should’ve looked for that first to make sure they’ll fit, but, again, I don’t know wtf I’m doing.

I haven’t drawn WoW in so long I miss it u.u Co-workers got me back in the game so we rolled Alliance for a change and let’s get real, of course I’d play Worgen (<3 werewolves).

My priest Lylanna. Whose name I genuinely didn’t realize was ridiculously similar to ASoIaF’s Lyanna until like a week after I made her. Wups. She’s normally Holy but this xmog set just screams Shadow (I’ll admit, I still haven’t gotten the shoulders…). Maybe I’ll draw her Holy xmog later.

Very very nice to draw something that doesn’t need meticulous cleanup/colour UwU Been kinda tired of that lately. Figuring out WoW textures as actual garments is a total pain in the butt though.

I’ll get around to posting it to dA eventually…

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Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Really, both red and white mean love, in different ways. Red is just a little bit more srs bsns (and she still very much likes the white).

I miss these two ahaha. The white roses thing is a reference to a pic strontiumsun drew for me a while back. I liked it a lot and decided the flower would be one of her favourites~

They’re a bit off-model but I wasn’t really aiming to hit the Digimon style this time around. Just a thing I was working on during my lunch breaks. Also I don’t friggin’ know how to draw flowers.

Ymirmon, Morrigamon, Art © xuza

Please do not repost.

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Yeah I know, myth week was last week (or something) and I’m late to the party xD

I was going to just do a satyr originally, but then it reminded me of my high school persona: a Baphomet-y cyclops demon named Pazuzu. Doesn’t look anything like actual Pazuzu, but a friend decided that was my name after they heard it in class because it sounds like Zuza. I kept it for a long time :P

I don’t even remember how to draw “not in a style”. Been doing work art and Digimon for too long lol…

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Episode 6: Winged and Unconfined is now online!

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